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11300 E. Jefferson Detroit, MI 48214

Our Doctors

Dr. Alice Marczewski

Dr. Alice Marczewski graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985. A Bachelor of Science degree in the double major of Agronomy and Biochemistry prior to that allowed her to work at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. for two years before returning to Michigan to pursue her veterinary education. She has been caring for animals throughout the greater Detroit area since that time, and has gained a strong appreciation for the bond between people and their pets. Dr. Alice feels that compassion, communication and education are the most important factors in helping you make the best decisions for your pet's care.

She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association and the Southeastern Michigan Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Marczewski's email address is dralice@jeffersonvet.com.

Dr. Timothy A. Schacht

Dr. Timothy A. Schacht has been employed in animal care in the Detroit area since 1975. Dr. Schacht is a 1985 graduate of the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association and the Southeast Michigan Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Schacht feels a special affinity for the community. His articles have been featured in area newspapers and he enjoys the opportunity to speak to small groups. He has been recognized by the Southeastern Michigan Veterinary Medical Association "for outstanding contribution to the community". Dr. Schacht believes that your learning about your pet and its care is the easiest way to keep him/her healthy and happy. Dr. Schacht's email address is drtim@jeffersonvet.com.


Anneliese - Office Manager

Anneliese established her career in animal health care at Jefferson Veterinary Center in 2005.  After completing school and pursuing a profession in the pharmaceutical industry, she missed the compassion and integrity that veterinary medicine provided and she found her way back in early 2015 as the office manager.  Anneliese is the proud owner of Freckles, a rescue dog from JVC that fulfills her position as guardian and best friend.  Her attentive guidance and optimistic attitude has influenced the environment at Jefferson Veterinary Center, while her empathy and strength provide excellent customer service and patient care for our patrons. 

Christine - Licensed Veterinary Technician, VTS (ECC)

Christine has been employed at Jefferson Veterinary Center as a Licensed Veterinary Technician since June 2002. In November of 2016 she added to her expertise by obtaining a license in the area of emergency and critical care.  She has 3 dogs, Zukie, Zariel and Zumba and 4 cats, Hop-a-long Cassidy,  Stevie Wonder, Dru and Ody. Christine enjoys working at Jefferson Veterinary Center because she feels it's a unique environment where one can learn different techniques than at the emergency clinic where she also is employed. "When I started working at Jefferson Veterinary Center, I was just looking for a second job, but what I found was another home.  My co-workers/friends make it a wonderful environment to work in."

Cameron - Licensed Veterinary Technician

Cameron started working at Jefferson Veterinary in May 2012 as one of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians.  She received her education from Baker College of Clinton Township.  Cameron is passionate about animals and helping them in any way she can.  She is the proud owner of a young, adorable and energetic dog named Kobe, 2 cats, Purrsnickety and Molly.

Liz - Veterinary Technician 

Liz is currently studying to be a Veterinary Technician at Macomb Community College and will be graduating in May of 2018 with an Associate of Applied Science.  Liz has been a lifelong animal lover and has three cats Egypt, Yoshi, and Weetzie.  She enjoys working with the family-like team at Jefferson Vet where growth and opportunities to learn new skills are encouraged. 

Debbie - Receptionist

Debbie is a working mom who takes time away from her two daughters and husband to take care of our clients at JVC. Debbie's little Chihuahua, Paco, has taught her the joys of pet ownership. She has been one of the delightful voices and friendly faces at the front desk since April, 2007. She enjoys the diversity of clientele here and the adventures that each day holds.

Sue - Receptionist

Sue started working at JVC in June of 2008 and was drawn to the practice because of her love of animals and her desire to help them.  Growing up with a variety of animals (Garter snakes, turtles, fish, ducks and several dogs) helped to inspire this passion.  When Sue relocated from Detroit to Ferndale, her pet duck helped the family settle in by escaping from the yard, and befriending neighbors who would help to get her home.  In July of 2015, Sue attempted retirement, but it wasn't long before she realized she wasn't quite ready for it, and JVC gladly welcomed her back.  Sue shares a home with her daughter, granddaughter, a dog (Paco), 2 cats (Sparkles and Baby Kitty) and 1 lonely angelfish.


Amy - Veterinary Assistant

Amy joined our staff August 2010.  She previously worked at a veterinary practice several years ago, and was eager to get back into the field.  She is married and a proud mother of two boys.  She has 2 dogs, Aces and Chewbacca, her kitty Miss Floppy, and an alligator.  She enjoys coming to work here and provides a great attitude which makes her a great team player.

Kaileigh - Veterinary Assistant

Kaileigh started working at Jefferson Veterinary Center in February 2014.  Her passion for helping abused and homeless animals is one reason she was drawn to JVC.  Kaileigh has 2 cats, Lulu and Kitty, 1 dog, Sasha, and a gerbil named Knight.  In her spare time she enjoys exploring Detroit, being outdoors and pet sitting. 

Matthew (Veterinary Assistant)

Matthew started working at JVC in May of 2017.  He was originally here only to shadow for an assignment but was offered a position by our manager and his “eyes lit up like the morning sun upon being offered this momentous opportunity!”  He has 2 dogs:  Diamond, who he hand raised himself since day one, and Lily, a rescued pit bull that he adopted from JVC.  He will be returning to Macomb Community College in the fall of 2018 for the Veterinary Technician Program. 

Lena (Veterinary Assistant)

Randy (Veterinary Assistant, Handyman, friend of animals) 

Randy is a retired Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force, as that career ended he decided to pursue what he really loves, which is working with animals.  He is married with two grown daughters and many pets, some of which he acquired from JVC:  His dogs are Dolomite, Darla, Reeses, and cats, Little Girl, Iris, Apollo, Punky, Jasper, Buddy and Hermoine.

Tricia (Handywoman, Veterinary Assistant, Computer Technician)

Tricia joined our staff in March 2010.  She was drawn to our practice because of her love for animals.  She has a rescue dog named Moo and three cats named Big Baby, Steve and Bitty.  She enjoys being a member of our team at JVC and provides us with many other skills that are an asset to our facility.

Robert (Greeter)

Robert became a member of our team of greeters in August of 2015 and is one of the first friendly faces you upon arriving at JVC. Robert enjoys learning about nature and animals and looks forward to the excitement that each day brings. Robert doesn’t have any pets presently but may consider adopting in the future.

Carl (Greeter)

Carl started working at Jefferson Veterinary Center in August 2015 at one of our greeters and has since become in charge of outdoor landscaping and maintenance. Carl loves working at JVC and has recently discovered he is very passionate about gardening, nature and becoming more healthy. In his spare time, Carl stays busy with his 7 daughters and 2 sons.

Aurin (Greeter)

Aurin joined our team in June of 2015 and is one of the smiling faces waiting to greet and assist you.  Aurin enjoys his friends, reading, video games and radio podcasts.  This fall, he hopes his voice will earn him his living in the future.  He has a 2 year old, very mischievous cat named Digit and Titania, a very old gerbil.